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Who We Are

Africa Family News, established by Cedric Hartwell, is a premier news outlet dedicated to providing comprehensive and insightful news coverage that is specifically tailored for African families. Positioned at the heart of Africa, our main office located within the serene surroundings of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town underscores our commitment to blending cultural richness with our news narratives. Our team, comprised of seasoned journalists scattered across the continent, works tirelessly to bring our readers accurate, timely, and relevant news. With a focus that stretches from the bustling cities to the tranquil rural areas, we cover a spectrum of topics that resonate deeply with the diverse populations across the continent.

Our mission extends beyond merely reporting news. At Africa Family News, we strive to connect with our communities and build an informed audience. By focusing on issues that affect daily living, from politics and economic trends to cultural festivities and lifestyle changes, we aim to be the voice of the African family. Each article is crafted with the utmost respect for the complexities and richness of African cultures, providing not only news but also deeper insights into how events influence community and familial life. Through our extensive network of reporters, we ensure that every story is presented with factual integrity and cultural sensitivity, making us a trusted name in African journalism.

Our Vision and Values

At Africa Family News, our vision is to be the leading source of news that affects the fabric of family life across Africa. We believe in the power of informed societies and commit ourselves to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethical reporting. Our values are rooted in transparency, accountability, and respect for diversity, driving us to deliver news that not only informs but also educates and empowers our readers. Through our dedicated coverage of local and continental news, we pledge to help our audience navigate the complexities of the African perspective, fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the continent's dynamics.

Integrity in journalism is our cornerstone, ensuring that all information disseminated through our platform is thoroughly verified and devoid of bias. We promote dialogue and interaction among our readers, encouraging a participatory approach to news consumption and community engagement. By integrating cultural sensitivity into our reporting, we honor the myriad of traditions and customs existing throughout Africa, thus enriching our collective knowledge and appreciation of our diverse heritage. Our commitment extends to creating a news platform that not only reports but also contributes positively to the growth and development of African societies.

What We Offer

Africa Family News offers an array of news categories and special segments tailored to the interests and needs of African families. From in-depth political analysis and economic forecasts to coverage of social changes and lifestyle trends, our content is designed to provide a holistic view of current events. Our platform is a vibrant mix of daily news updates, exclusive stories, and comprehensive reports, each crafted to enhance our readers' understanding of the continent's pulse. We are deeply committed to delivering news that is both informative and transformative, aiming to influence positive change within communities across Africa.

Additionally, our interactive platform encourages reader engagement and community discussions, making Africa Family News a dynamic forum for debating and sharing ideas. With initiatives like community support programs and educational campaigns, we go beyond traditional news reporting. We are continuously evolving, embracing digital innovation to bring our content into the homes and hands of families around Africa, ensuring accessibility and relevance in the digital age. Our commitment to quality journalism and our dedicated team’s persistent efforts make Africa Family News an indispensable resource for every African family striving to stay informed and connected.

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Africa Family News provides daily updates and comprehensive reports on the latest happenings across the continent. From politics and economics to culture and lifestyle, stay informed with the most relevant news affecting African families. Our platform offers insights into community developments and social changes, helping you stay connected with African affairs. With our dedicated reporters scattered throughout Africa, we ensure timely and accurate news delivery. Tune in for daily updates, exclusive stories, and impactful journalism tailored for the African family.